BOONE COUNTY, Missouri- Abby Wilson a 14 year-old hunter from Boone County was forced to defend herself on social media after a photo was posted by Missouri Deer Hunter. The page says Abby had shot the bull elk thinking it was a whitetail deer. Her father, Donald White,  rushed to her deer stand after getting a text, the page said: “Don said he could hear her stand shaking she was so excited. He asked her where her “buck” was and she pointed and when he saw it he was shocked.”

White  immediately called the Missouri Department of Conservation and within an hour agent Adam Doerhoff arrived. Bo citations have been written but agents confiscated the elk for CWD testing to attempt to determine the origin of the animal. 

However, some of those commenting on the page’s photo suggested Abby should have done a better job at identifying the animal before taking the shot.

“I️ believe I️ am plenty knowledgeable. I️ took my hunters safety course and passed with a perfect 100%. No joke in that statement. I️ just was not expecting an Elk to come trotting through the woods right by my stand,” Abby replied.

“Actually as taught in the 4 hour class I️ took, the first thing to know about hunting is always point the muzzle in a safe direction!” she also responded.

In July, 2010, the Conservation Commission directed the Department to re-initiate development of an elk restoration plan and are being placed in public lands on Carter, Shannon, and Reynolds counties. Before that time, elk have been absent from Missouri since about 1865 the MDC said.

Courtesy: Juanita Shore,