While playing with a friend’s newly adopted dog, 15 month old Lucas was suddenly attacked, with the dog biting off a large portion of Lucas’ face.  He was airlifted to the University of Iowa Childrens’ Hospital where he had a 6 hour surgery involving at least 3 surgeons.  A large part of his gum/bone including permanent teeth were ripped out, most of his nose cartilage was destroyed, and he will have lifelong damage.  He will not have any upper front teeth, will need dental reconstruction to hopefully support false teeth when he is an adult, and have more facial surgeries in the future. 

Lucas will stay sedated for many days and remain in the hospital for weeks to come. Holly and Tyler remain at his side while their other two boys stay with family. They are from Clinton, Iowa and will need all the help they can get with paying for medical bills, transportation costs, food, and everything else that comes up in emergency situations like this one.
The extent of damage is beyond belief, and the pain associated with it all is unimaginable! Pray, pray, pray! He has a long road of recovery and many surgeries ahead.