CAMDENTON, Missouri- Lynn Salvo is attempting to be the 0ldest woman to cross the country solo by bicycle. Within the coming days, the endurance cyclist will be coming through Camdenton retracing the 3,000 mile Race Across America (RAAM) route.

Lynn started her quest in Oceanside, California on August 27 and has allocated 8 weeks to complete the over 3,000 mile bicycle ride, which ends in Delaware. Lynn will be leaving the RAAM route in Pennsylvania to route up to Delaware to increase her mileage count. Salvo, from Virginia, has decided to cross the county solo by bicycle to set a Guinness World Record. She is currently celebrating her 67th birthday  (Sept. 21) in Wichita, Kansas.



Sign at Race Across America Time Station 32 in Camdenton

Since Wichita is just past the half way point of the Race Across America route, Lynn will have to add miles east of Wichita in order to comply with the requirement of being 67 for more than half of the route. There are 55 Time Stations on the Race Across America route, spaced approximately 50 miles apart. Time Station 30 was the 1,778.8 mile mark this year, with 1,290.5 miles to go to the official finish….. Lynn will have to add more miles before she gets to the finish to be able to claim the “67 years old for more than half of the route”. The manned Time Station 30 is located at 21 N. Caldwell and is an Open House to all racers and crew. In 2015, we opened our house for the event and the racers and crew loved it. It is apparently the first time that the Race Across America actually had a house opened up to them.

BACKGROUND ON THE ROUTE LYNN IS TAKING: The toughest endurance event in the world, Race Across America offers longdistance cyclists the opportunity to challenge themselves to the height of their abilities. Over 1500 cyclists have completed RAAM since its first edition in 1982. Winners completing the course in approximately 9 days as a Solo racer and 6 days as a team effort, sometimes sleeping as little as 2 hours per day. These modern day heroes brave the desert, plains and mountain weather, lead a crew in a mini-organization of support, and raise thousands of dollars for charities around the world.

The current Solo record is held by Christoph Strasser from Austria: 7 Days 15 Hours and 56 Minutes, which was set in 2014 (3004 miles). The current Team record was Team Allied Forces (8 man team) from the U.K.: 5 Days 3 Hours 45 Minutes, which was set in 2013 (3004 miles). “It’s man against the elements, the road, and ultimately, him or herself.” Lynn’s ride began in Oceanside, California on August 27, 2016. Lynn is expected to arrive in Fort Scott at approximately 2:00PM Saturday, September 24, 2016. Lynn will be staying overnight in Fort Scott and will be available for interviews after her arrival and early in the morning of September 25, 2016.

THE ROUTE LYNN WILL BE TAKING: ·Route: 3000+ miles, 170,000+ feet of climbing ·Crosses over 12 states, passes through over 88 counties and over 350 communities Lynn Salvo’s ride story:

Life is Like a Bike

RAAM Time Station 30 Fort Scott Kansas


From Lynn’s website:

“The earliest bike experience I remember was careening downhill on the back of my brother’s bike. I got so scared I stuck my feet together, yes, through the spokes, and threw both of us off. I sprained my ankle. Not sure about my brother, who sadly met his demise at age 28 during the Vietnam War.

I was over 50 when I started cycling on my own bike. While training for marathons (my first marathon in 2002 qualified me for the Boston Marathon which I ran in 2003), my coaches suggested cross training. I started with a bike that was given to my daughter by a friend, but when I got into triathlons, I needed a faster bike. That’s when I got my Trek Madone. My Trek and I have been together since 2004.

Susan B. Anthony said, “Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel…the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood.”