ST. LOUIS, Missouri- KTVI reports that two subjects have been shot and killed in south St. Louis in the 4100 block of Taft Tuesday afternoon.  The Police Department says the deaths in the Bevo Mill neighborhood may be justifiable homicides.

Police say that the 73-year-old homeowner was in the garage when two men started to break in at around 4:15 pm.    Investigators say the suspects were armed and wanted to steal the man’s truck.  The homeowner was also armed and shot and killed the two trying to force their way into his garage.

The St. Louis Fire Police Department confirms that two black males were shot and killed.  Handguns were recovered from the scene. The identities of the suspects have not been released at this time.

There is a heavy police presence in the area.  Homicide detectives are gathered near the back of the home where the bodies are located.  Investigators have blocked off streets around the area of the shooting.

The homeowner has been taken to the police department for questioning.  Investigators are trying to determine the circumstances surrounding the shooting to determine if the homicides were justified.

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