a powerboat story was filmed in 2007-08 and contains some of the boating worlds living legends.  From Chicago, Lake of the Ozarks, Grand Lake, to Keywest you will see some of the best boating hardware in the world.

This is a re-release of the film uploaded in Feb of 2017.   Since then and in writing this I must say that there are some boaters on this video that are no longer with us in life.  I personally want to send my thoughts and prayers to those that are no longer with us to share the passion and enjoyment that we get from being on the water.

About the Film Maker:  Since Shooting this film Shawn Kober has went on to create many productions and for nearly 7 years created and ran a television station.  After selling interest’s in the station Shawn has continued to travel shooting documentary films between shooting boat events and spending time with his family.  Learn more at www.bigplanetmedia.com