DOTHAN, Alabama- Alabama Power says an alert was declared at its Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant in south Alabama Tuesday night. The plant is east of Dothan near the Alabama-Georgia state line.

According to Alabama Power, the alert was declared at 5:43 p.m. because ammonia was detected “within a vital area in Unit 1.” The unit is in a planned refueling outage and not operating at this time. Unit 2 is operating at 100 percent power.

Monitoring equipment indicates no radioactive release, and no employees were injured, according to Alabama Power.

Officials say there is no danger to the public, and there is no need to take any action unless directed by state or local officials.

An Alabama Power spokesperson said crews are now working to determine why ammonia was detected, the WSFA report said

Trained personnel are coordinating with officials to address the situation.

According to the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, the governor has been briefed on the status of the plant, and no protective actions are required right now because there has been no radiation released.

Out of four categories of emergencies described by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, an alert is the second least serious.

“An Alert means an event has occurred that could reduce the plant’s level of safety. There is no danger to the public. County and state officials will be involved and prepared for any necessary response,” a news release from Alabama Power stated.

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