LEBANON, Missouri- The Lebanon Police Department says there were called to the Dollar General on Elm Street to investigate a theft Monday night after store staff said they saw a woman hide a shirt inside her jacket. Store employees said when they confronted the 24 year-old in the lot, she justified the theft by saying, “well you have a enough of them.”

Store staff says the alleged thief was followed inside the store and that’s when they say her conceal a pink shirt and some other items inside her jacket. According to the police report two employees then followed her outside the store and into the parking lot after she left without paying. The woman was confronted as she was getting into her car.

They told police the woman held up the shirt and gave it back and were given the excuse for the theft. The report then says the driver pulled away with other items she had taken. An employee was able to identify the woman from a photo on Facebook. Police say they were not able to find any contact information on the female or a current address.

A citation was filled out and sent to the Municipal Court with a request to mail the citation to the female’s last known address.

It is being investigated as a stealing incident according to the police report.