MISSING: Eli Bandurovskiy

The Springfield Police Department has issued an Amber Alert for an abduction incident that occurred at 2655 N Glenstone, Springfield at 9:00 P.M. on 12/22/2017.

Abducted Is:

Eli Bandurovskiy a white, male, age 1

Vehicle Information:

white 2008 Scion TC bearing AR, 940MNT last seen at 2655 N. Glenstone in Springfield possibly en route to Houston, TX.

Possible suspects or associates are believed to be:

Viktor Anatolievich Bandurocskiy, a white, male, age 33, hgt 510, 150 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, unknown complexion, wearing a black button up shirt and dark blue jeans.

The abducted child is:

Eli V. Bandurovskiy, is a white, male, age 1, hgt 200, 32 lbs, blonde hair, hazel eyes, unknown complexion, with , wearing thick navy cardigan sweater with 2 red horizontal stripes and large buttons, grey under shirt, blue and gray striped pajama pants, and blue and lime green velcro tennis shoes. The child had a spare set of clothing described as a grey Christmas sweatshirt, blue shirt, and black skinny jeans.

Brief circumstances regarding the abducted child incident (Include pertinent medical, mental, or other well being information)

The child and vehicle were taken from the mother by the biological father during a visitation. The father has a history of domestic abuse, drug use, and has made current and previous threats towards the child. A cell phone ping around 1:00 P.M. 12/24/2017 indicates that the father may be in Houston, TX.

Anyone seeing the abducted child, suspect, associate, or vehicle, or anyone having any information related to the Amber Alert should immediately dial 911 to contact the nearest law enforcement agency or call the Springfield Police Department at 417-864-1171.