He fished the Bennett Spring State Park, Maramec Spring Park, Montauk State Park, and Roaring River State Park in one day. 

LEBANON, Missouri- Steven Patton from Troy, Missouri says he and his wife Karen drove 450 miles to fish at 4 Missouri trout parks this past weekend on July 3rd. He had hoped to catch the daily limit of 4 but was skunked at Roaring River.

“My wife and I did the big run this past Monday and fished all 4 Trout parks in the same day. We did Meremac then Montauk then Touring (Roaring) rivers then back to Bennett’s. I would like to say we caught at all 4 but we didn’t at Rouring <sic> rivers. We both had strikes and broke off a couple of times but that is a different place and a different style of fishing. But we are going to do it again sometime. It was a blast.”

Patton says the trip was priceless.