KANSAS CITY, Missouri- Anti-fascist activists gathered to protest  in Kansas City were told by police they could have their guns or ammunition, they just can’t have both.

On Saturday, police enforced a  city ordinance that prohibits possession of a weapon, “readily capable of lethal force.”  Sgt. Kari Thompson explains the municipal statute allows possession of a weapon, but that the firearm and ammunition cannot be together.

The protesting group says that violates their rights to openly carry guns but they complied with the order.

Some are concerned the law is not equally enforced.

The NY Times says Kevin Jamison, an attorney who specializes in weapons and self-defense, including Second Amendment rights believes the ordinance is allowed but questionable.  He said the disarm order was a bad idea, even if it was legal.

 “A lot of things are legal. Whether they’re a good idea or not is another thing,” Jamison said.
Several groups gathered at Washington Park including Antifa members and some religious groups.
“We also are prepared that some of those people will have differing viewpoints and may not get along. Our only duty will be to ensure that everyone is safe as they exercise their constitutional right to free speech, as I outlined in my previous blog. We are there as a neutral party, ” said KCPD Chief Richard C. Smith.

The Kansas City Star contributed to this report