LEBANON, Missouri- Lebanon police say what began with speeding and  a bad pass around a city fire truck on Thursday ended with an arrest at gunpoint after a high speed chase.

A Lebanon police officer was dispatched at around 10:55 p.m. to investigate a vehicle which allegedly was travelling at a high rate of speed and had passed a fire truck on  Fremont Road. The reports states the suspect vehicle then turned on East Bland from Jefferson and was eastbound on East Bland. The responding officer says he was in the Walmart parking lot at the time.

“As I was approaching East Bland, I observed the vehicle drive by. I then turned onto East Bland and attempted to catch up to the vehicle. I had to travel at a high rate of speed to catch up to the vehicle near the intersection of East Bland and Tower Road,” the officer stated in his report. The officer said the suspect slowed slightly at the intersection and make a left onto Tower Road by cutting off the corner, failing to signal or stop at the stop sign.

The report continues:

Once on Tower Road, the vehicle rapidly accelerated. I caught up to the vehicle near Marine Electrical Products and activated my emergency lights and siren in an attempt to get the vehicle to pull over. The vehicle failed to do so and slowed down slightly but continued to drive. I observed the vehicle make several abrupt movements back and forth within its lane and even travel into the oncoming lane. I then observed an object thrown from the driver’s side window as we were near Hogan Trucking. As we approached the intersection of Tower Road and East Missouri 32 the vehicle again began jerking from side to side and then started slowing down. The driver then continued through the intersection without signaling or stopping at the stop sign. The driver made a left hand turn back toward town and began driving in the oncoming lane. I relayed via radio to dispatch and other officers that I did not believe the driver was going to stop. The driver then slowed down once again and pulled into the parking lot of 814 East Missouri 32, but was still moving. The driver then proceeded further into the parking lot before coming to a stop. Another officer and I exited our patrol vehicles and approached the driver.

At that time the reporting officer said he approached the suspect vehicle with his gun drawn.

” (I) ordered the driver to show me his hands, which he did. The assisting officer opened the driver’s door and we removed the driver from the vehicle and I secured him in handcuffs,” the officer said.

Police say the the male subject was identified as 24 year-old Jay Roberts from Lebanon, Missouri.

“I could smell a slight odor of alcohol coming from Roberts’s person as I was cuffing him and speaking with him. I asked Roberts if he had any alcohol to drink tonight, which he stated he did not. I advised Roberts of his rights per Miranda which he stated he understood. While I was speaking with Roberts, I observed damage all over his vehicle, specifically the driver side rear and front end. I then responded back to the scene of the traffic stop where I had Roberts in a patrol vehicle. At that time, I requested dispatch contact a K-9 Officer and his partner. Upon the arrival of the K-9 Officer I requested he utilize his K-9 partner for an exterior sniff of the vehicle. Upon the K-9 Officer advising me that his partner gave a positive indication for the presence of narcotics, I began a search of the vehicle. Located in the driver side door pocket was a screen commonly associated with the use of marijuana,” the officer continued in his report.

“I also located multiple empty liquor bottles and several containing alcohol in the passenger floor board. Located in the center console was a small amount of green leafy substance which through my training and experience I knew to be marijuana. Roberts was transported to the Lebanon Police Department for the booking process. Upon my arrival, I met with Roberts to begin the booking process. I advised Roberts that while on scene I was able to smell an odor of intoxicants on his person. I advised Roberts that when I walked into the booking room, I was also able to smell alcohol. I further advised Roberts that due to smelling the odor of intoxicants, his behavior, and the manner in which he was driving and the alcohol found in the vehicle he was under investigation for DWI. I then read Roberts Implied Consent and requested a sample of his breath.”

Roberts stated to police that he was not going to provide a sample or cooperate with my DWI investigation. Roberts was then issued a summons to appear in Laclede County Associate Circuit Court on March 6, 2017 for C&I, Fail to Signal, Fail to Stop at a Stop Sign, and Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicles. Police say Roberts was transported to the Laclede County Jail where he was turned over to corrections on a 24- hour hold pending charges for a DWI.