WASHINGTON, District of Columbia- Senator Roy Blunt took to Facebook Wednesday afternoon to show support for Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. Trump’s choice has been under fire for her lack of experience in the public school system.

Blunt’s sentiments were quickly and harshly denounced by social media commentators by the hundreds.

“I believe Betsy DeVos understands that decisions about education need to be made much closer to where kids are. I look forward to working with her to find ways to get those decisions back to local school boards, and moms and dads. As Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee for the Department of Education, I will be working hard to ensure that public education continues to be appreciated as the cornerstone of opportunity in America,” Blunt said in the post.


Senator Roy Blunt


Darbie Valenti, the accoladed 5th Grade Teacher at Minnie Cline Elementary School said the following, “As the 2017 Missouri Teacher of the Year, I have been selected to represent the almost 70,000 teachers in our great state. I regret to say that thousands of those teachers in the Show Me state respectfully disagree with your decision to support Betsy DeVos. Show Me, and them, that you are hearing our cries! Our students deserve someone with more experience in public education!” Her objections drew over 6,000 “thumbs up.”

Another educator  posted the following in response:

“I’ve been teaching 22 years in Southwest Missouri. I’ll be blunt. We don’t need an inexperienced billionaire plagiarist that thinks grizzly bears might justify putting guns in schools. Please listen to your constituents who are working hard serving students in our public schools. Vote against Betsy DeVos. The agenda should be what’s best for kids, not what lines the pockets of the ultra-privileged.”

“As a constituent of yours as well as a “neighbor” (65804) and an administrator at Missouri State University, I urge you to listen to us and not support DeVos. She is not qualified for anything other than to destroy the federal department of education. I remind you that people all over the world send their students here because our school system is by far better producers of critical and creative thinking which us so very needed for the future generations to solve problems, create new technology, and lead the way in science. School choice / vouchers will only benefit wealthy urban families. Working class and rural families will have no choice but to attend a dreadfully underfunded school, or worse yet, have no school near enough for kids to attend. Furthermore, the system that Ms. DeVos wants to dismantle made it possible for my special needs brother to become a tax-paying productive voter rather than a burden on the system living in an institution, uneducated and unhappy. I urge you with the strongest words possible to reconsider your position. I cannot support your reelection if you are unwilling to listen to us on this issue,” Paula Moore wrote.

Betsy DeVoss

Others followed with similar sentiments.

The Senate voted early Friday to advance her nomination.  A final confirmation vote is anticipated Monday.