Kevin G. Lowery

UPDATE: Principal Lowery has responded by saying: “I have forwarded this along with your Facebook post to my attorney.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: We present the following with great discretion in full and appreciative knowledge of the potential harm that sexual accusations can do to an individual and his or her family.  However, after review of the materials submitted to us, we believe there is substantial weight presented  therein to warrant the publication of the allegations.  This is also not a legal matter, but we want to stress Principal Lowery should enjoy the presumption of innocence. 


LEBANON, Missouri- A former Lebanon Sr. High School student has come forward with allegations that current principal Kevin G. Lowery engaged in a lengthy sexually-laden dialogue with her over the years 2012-2013, after she had just graduated. At the time the purported communications began she was 18. The past student now lives in Chicago

The past student, Rebekah Monroe, says she felt that Mr. Lowery was grooming her for a possible sexual encounter. She said the communication began when she messaged him seeking permission to attend prom because she had graduated a few months earlier and to also  give a speech at the high school for “Texting and Driving Awareness.”

She said he ignored her and instead made a joke about  word porn. “Word porn? I love it!”  he said referring to a post Monroe  made defining a word from a website by that name.”

From that point on, Lowery seems to continually direct Monroe into telling him about her love life and other items of an illicit nature, including sexual assault.

“Are you asking about my sexual life?” she queried in one exchange.

“Why did you make that assumption? I could have been talking about anything. I simply left the door open,” he replied.

“I want to know what you mean about Chicago being more liberal in the sexual aspects and some of those experiences, just being honest!” Lowery asked later.

“I wasn’t really thinking about it (sex) until you asked me a zillion questions,” she replied further in the conversation.

“So it’s all my fault and now you are aroused?” Lowery said in that exchange.

“I still say leave men alone and stick to jacking off!” He said in another.


Monroe said signs of sexual grooming may have started while she was in high school with Lowery  showing an interest in her love life starting before age 18.


“Once during lunch… he was playing ping pong with my friend, Bo Jackson (who has given me permission to use his name) and he kept pushing Bo to agree to a challenge of asking me on a date if Lowery beat him at ping pong.”


“Bo and I were platonic absolutely nothing more and had known each other since 4th grade.

Bo lost the match.”

“Lowery took a microphone and announced to the entire cafeteria of over a hundred students
that Bo Jackson was taking Rebekah Monroe on a date,” Monroe explained.

The long electronic dialogue concluded in an seeming attempt at resolution:

“When it comes down to it, I am a passionate, impulsive, forward, very open and honest 19 year old woman. The fact secrecy is so vital creates an uneasiness, and you wanting to know if I am aroused leads one to wonder whether you were asking questions for your own arousement,” Monroe typed.

Lowery replied with the following: “Honestly I was joking at the time given my line of sarcasm. I assure you that I get no gratification from this conversation. I see (the) difference between secrecy and privacy. I have no real secrets but I don’t expect private conversations to be shared with others as a source of gossip. That’s all I was trying to say. While are conversation is quite interesting, I am not at all aroused by its content. THAT would be inappropriate. Does that make sense?”

In 2014, Monroe took the matter of the electronic communication to R3 School Administration and she is frustrated that the school board has not taken action, she said.
Monroe says by coming forward, she wants to make sure there are no additional potential victims which is why she’s made this document public and she says she also encourages others who may have been affected to come forward.

We have reached out to the school district for comment.

The full text of the conversation between Lowery and Monroe are linked below:

Mr. Kevin Lowery Document –

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