WAYNESVILLE, Missouri– Pulaski County Sheriff Ron Long says a mid-afternoon call for help led deputies to a gruesome discovery in the Laquey area at around 2:45 PM on Sunday afternoon. A woman had apparently taken her own life after stabbing children and a man who attempted to protect them.

“The call was received by the Pulaski County 911 Communications Center describing a situation involving numerous individuals that had been stabbed. This incident occurred in the 25300 Block of Highway W, which is located just a few miles west of Waynesville.

When the deputies arrived on scene, they discovered a female with dozens of stab wounds lying in the front yard of the residence, who died just moments later. There were also two children, ages 2 and 12, that were suffering from numerous knife wounds. These young victims were transported to a trauma center where they are being treated for their injuries. Both are expected to survive but are in serious condition.

There was also a 38-year-old man that was stabbed while trying to protect the two children. His injuries were minor so he was treated at the scene and released.

The deceased has been identified as Yvonne Holmes, 37, who is a Pulaski County resident.

According to witnesses, Holmes was visiting the children at which time she became delusional, took out a butcher knife and began stabbing them. The above mentioned man then stepped in to protect the children and warded off the attack; therefore, most likely saving their lives. Holmes then ran outside to the front yard at which point she began stabbing herself until she died, ” Sheriff Long said in a statement.