CAMDENTON, Missouri- The Camden County Sheriff’s Office has announced a new Community Resource Officer program to help better serve those under their watch. 36-year veteran law enforcement officer Lt. Arlyne Page, formerly with the Osage Beach Police Department will take command of the unit.

“On January 1, 2017, with the blessings of the County Commissioners, Bev Thomas, Donnie Williams (pictured above) and Greg Hasty, Sheriff Tony Helms has kept a promise to the citizens of Climax Springs, Macks Creek and Stoutland. Sheriff Helms has always said, “I am not a Politician, I’m a Cop, so I know the importance of having Law Enforcement coverage in the more remote areas of the County.”

The Community Resource Officers are not to be confused with School Resource Officers. Both Deputy Bowling and Deputy Scott are certified School Resource Officers and Deputy Belanger will eventually be sent to the SRO training, however they will remain Community Resource Officers with an emphasis on School activities. The implementation of the CRO Program did not cost the citizens of Camden County any additional revenue.

The Deputies given this special assignment can be readily recognized while on patrol. Their vehicles have been given added signage on both doors and the tailgate, denoting them as Community Resource Officers. Lt. Arlyne Page is the direct supervisor for CRO Deputies and can be reached at 573-346-2243 x 249. We want to be involved in Community functions said Sheriff Helms, ” the sheriff announced in a Facebook post.