LEBANON, Missouri- The City of Lebanon is asking the public to avoid downtown Lebanon this morning and for business owners to delay opening until noon today due to a fire that destroyed Lebanon’s MFA building last night.

Photo by Travis McCoy

“As the fire continues to smolder, smoke is still an issue on the south side of Lebanon. The Fire department has excavation equipment in route in order to help dig out the hot spots and further eliminate smoke,” the city said.

We asked the Lebanon City Fire Department if there is any concern for air quality following the fire. “With any fire there is air quality concern, however if anything severely dangerous to citizen health was burning, evacuations would have been made,” they said. “There will be lingering odors for some time. Shouldn’t be anything of immediate concern.”

Currently, emergency officials have recorded no injuries. The Lebanon Fire Department is in the process of rotating out personnel, the city said said in a release.

The City of Lebanon stands ready to assist MFA in the coming days and weeks. Our thoughts and prayers are with the owners and employees affected by this incident. We appreciate the first responders and area partners who have helped provide mutual aid during this event.

Photo by Troy Gaver

Fire crews were just returning to regular service this morning.

Photo courtesy of Robert Allen

Click here to support Lebanon MFA Employee Fire Victims organized by Jansen Cheek

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