AURORA, Missouri- A former RN, now a clinical instructor, Suzanne Wilkerson Givens posted the following tribute to ER nurse Monta Rae Glaser on the news that Glaser was struck and killed by a vehicle while attending a funeral in Aurora on Friday night:

“My heart is heavy. My mind is confused. When I first heard of this tragedy last night, I had a hard time believing…I even questioned that maybe I had heard wrong. Turns out that she is gone from this earth. Monta Rae Glaser made an impact with her life that we can all only hope to leave behind when it is our time. I have known Monta Rae for going on 16 years. My earliest memories were in the “old ER”. Lifelong friendships were made there. She was funny, she was kind, she was caring, she was smart. Did I say she was funny? Always, always, always was able to make something positive out of whatever the situation. She was a stable rock that you just wanted to hold onto. When I did my first TNCC course at Mercy, she was the instructor. That’s when I figured out how smart she was. “She’s a nurse, I’m a nurse…”. I knew then that she was in another league. She was brilliant. I left the ER in 2010 to pursue nursing education. Turns out I still needed her and would search her out when I brought students to the ED. She would welcome them and she loved teaching them and their experiences with her would both challenge them and create a respect for “our” department. There is no doubt that many of the ER nurses today were paired with her as a preceptor. Thank you. After that, as educator she helped us match students with preceptors so that both got a great experience. We would see each other maybe once a week. Always a smile and always asked about my job and my family. She certainly was one of the good ones. She will be greatly missed and talked about and referred to for many years to come. I pray for peace and understanding for all who knew her personally and professionally. Her walk on this earth was well done.”

Glaser worked for Mercy Hospital for 35 years serving in a variety of critical capacities.

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