Steven Scott Pennington


LEBANON, Missouri- According to court documents available online, Steven Scott Pennington, 53, of Conway has been charged in connection with last Sunday’s altercation in the Lebanon Walmart parking lot. It is alleged that Pennington confronted a black man from Orlando, accused the man of stealing and attempted to strike him with his SUV. It is then alleged that the subject threatened the victim with a knife. A probable cause statement also says Pennington called the black man a “nigger.”

There is no evidence that the victim had shoplifted.

Pennington is charged with Assault 1st Degree or Attempt,  Armed Criminal Action, and Unlawful Use of Weapon, Subsection 4 – Exhibiting. All the charges represent felonies.

The suspect is due in the courtroom of Judge Larry Winfrey on September 18th for a Counsel Status Hearing. According to the September 3rd documentation, Pennington has not acquired an attorney.

The probable cause statement says the Orlando victim was crossing the parking lot when Pennington pulled alongside him and asked if he had stolen anything. The victim didn’t hear and asked Pennington to repeat the  question.

Several witnesses say Pennington then  attempted to hit the Orlando man, a truck driver, with his SUV by encircling him, coming very close to running him down. When he wasn’t able to hit the man, the Conway suspect then  produced a knife. At that point, bystanders attempted to intervene and Pennington fled.

Pennington’s apparent online presence is very minimal but in 2014, it appears he defended the Confederate Flag and Nazi swastika:

“Everyone knows the confederate flag was designed in the Civil war for the Nonunion states. The flag stood for States rights and pride. Some groups used this flag in later generations for their motto of hate and prejudice. Now the population see,s the flag as a totally different symbol. The flag stands for pride not prejudice. There is also another symbol that went through this same transformation. A man changed the meaning of This symbol to hatred and death. The swastika has been around for over three thousand years. This symbol was used in many cultures to represent Life,Sun,Power, Strength and good luck. It,s probably too late to change people,s view of these symbols.It,s just before a person follows an opinion of the population,do your own thing and do a little research, Pennington wrote.

Pennington is being held at the Laclede County Jail.Bond is set at $100,000.