fter a night of drinking a South Carolina man found himself alone in a restaurant cooking himself a meal as employees slept.

Alex Bowen, of West Columbia, said he couldn’t sleep so he walked to a local Waffle House a block away from his house on Thursday. To his surprise, the staff was asleep.


Bowen told ABC News he waited at the register for 10 minutes for someone to take his order. He looked outside for employees, but didn’t find anyone.

The 36-year-old decided he was going to get on the hot grill and make himself a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt. He even cleaned up after he was done.


Photo: Alex Bowen

Although he did not initially pay for his sandwich, Bowen came back and paid for it later that day.

His Facebook post has more than 1,000 shares. A Waffle House district manager reached out to Bowen and asked him to become a Waffle House secret shopper. He even thanked him for pointing out a flaw in their business, ABC News reported.


Photo: Alex Bowen