LEBANON, Missouri- On December 29th, a Lebanon police officer who was at Price Cutter  was approached by two customers, a man, and a woman,  who said they saw a woman acting strangely inside the grocery store, a report said. One of the customers said the woman had entered the store with a child. She said she saw the woman dancing with a finger in her ear and was concerned she may be a danger to herself.  A description of the female subject was given to the responding officer. The customers a later told the officer the subject had ran into an aisle near the south check-outs.

The officer located the subject and concluded based on training, she was under the influence of drugs, probably meth, because of her exaggerated actions and inability to maintain a normal posture. The male customer who earlier talked to the officer confirmed that the observed suspect was the woman in question.

The suspect concluded her transaction and was leaving the store with another female when she was then confronted by the officer. The officer requested that they exit the store so they could be questioned outside. The woman was asked what was going on tonight and if she had been using drugs. She reportedly responded, “no, I’m just happy.”

The officer explained to the suspect there was reason to believe she was under the influence of methamphetamine.

The woman then asked to speak to the officer away from the other party. During their private conversation, she showed the officer a small pink glove  with a baggie inside and said, “this is all I have on me right now.” When asked, she  said the item would test positive for meth. The suspect expressed her concern that the other female was unaware she had drugs on her person and was adamant that the other woman did not know, which is why she wanted to speak with the officer  away from her.

The 38 year-old woman from Grovespring was arrested and transported to the police department where it was discovered she had an outstanding arrest warrant. she was then taken to jail on the pending warrant  and police say a probable cause statement of facts will be submitted to the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for charges on the drug arrest.