LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas – An Arkansas State Trooper reportedly mistook a fellow trooper for a suspect and then intentionally ran him over, according to KLRT in Little Rock.

Trooper Alan Aiken was rushing through traffic on his way to a police scene on January 11, 2017 before he struck Arkansas State Lieutenant John Overman. According to the report, Overman is now filing an official complaint for life long injuries and is accusing Aiken of being a threat to public safety, reports Arkansas State Police.

Aiken’s dash came video shows Lt. Overman rushing to an apparent scene of a crime. As Aiken is turning onto a gravel residential road, he doesn’t slow despite a clear view of a man approaching his path.

The official complaint filed by Overman indicates other examples of pursuits where Aiken has allegedly used poor judgement. Additionally, Overman reports that Aiken still sees the January incident as a joke, going as far as suggesting they use a piece of his damaged bumper to make a plaque to remember the incident, KLRT said.

Arkansas State Police are conducting an administrative review of their Troop L division in Springdale, authorities say.