ROUND LAKE, New York – Death Wish Coffee Company says  says it’s recalling 11-ounce Nitro Cold Brew after determining that its manufacturing process could lead to growth of bacteria producing the deadly  botulin toxin.

The toxin causes botulism, a rare illness that attacks the nervous system. Symptoms start with weakness of muscles in the face, mouth and throat. There have been no reported illnesses.

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Mike Brown, founder of the upstate N.Y.-based company, says production of Nitro Cold Brew is being halted until an additional manufacturing process is implemented.

“After several rounds of successful testing, a process specialist has recommended that we add an additional step to our nitro cold brew production process. Based on these recommendations we’ve decided to recall all Death Wish Nitro cans.

If you have some of the Nitro at home,  they say go ahead and get rid of it.  “There has been no degradation of quality at this point, but we want to err on the side of caution. No illnesses have been reported in connection with this issue. This recall is merely a precautionary step. “