“People need to worry about their own lawn and trash before they worry about other’s.”

LEBANON, Missouri – The deli manager at the grocery store on North Adams has responded to our video posted of the seepage from the dumpster on their property into the city street:

Starletta Arnold-Teeters posted the following:

“Ok this is a little ridiculous. The dumpster is not OWNED by the store. They have to take what the trash company brings. It is not their fault it leaks. Calling corporate is not going to fix the issue because the issue is not owned by the company. This video looks to have been taken right after a dumpster swap. When the dumpsters are picked up they are tilted and shook to get them away from the compactor. So while yes it may be leaking it’s not hazardous materials, it’s food waste. Something that is from the earth in the first place. Yes the grass in front of the store needed mowed before but only because the person that had done it in years prior was no longer doing it. So they had to find someone else to do Lawn Care. People need to worry about their own lawn and trash before they worry about other’s. There are way more issues in this town to worry about. I for one do not ever remember coming into contact with trash that smells GOOD at a grocery store, or restaurant for that matter.”

Contrary to what Arnold-Teeters stated the condition of the dumpster has existed for some period of time and has drawn complaints in the past.

The Department of Natural Resources has not responded as yet to our inquiry.