The path was possibly 50 miles long and 10-15 miles wide.

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri- The National Weather Service says a destructive swath of wind started in far southeastern Laclede County Saturday afternoon. The path was possibly 50 miles long and 10-15 miles wide. This swath of extreme wind continued across northern Texas County, southern Pulaski County, southern Phelps County, western Dent County, and ended in central Dent County. Areas of large trees were uprooted or snapped off. Utility lines and poles were blown down or hit by falling trees along most of the wind swath, the agency said. Three tornadoes were also confirmed by survey teams in Laclede County. 

The hardest hit areas with more concentrated damage, including structural damage, were the communities of Edger Springs, Salem, and along portions of Highway 17, the NWS said. Both communities experienced from minor to major damage inflicted to homes, businesses, and outbuildings. The metal roof and main structure of a church gym in Salem was crushed downward which indicated a downburst wind up to nearly 100 mph.



Vehicle damage, blown off shingles, and blown out glass windows were very common across these communities. Some rural communities such as north of Evening Shade, Palace, Big Piney, and along Highway H sustained some structural damage with numerous trees falling on vehicles and roofs. Several outbuildings were severely damaged or destroyed. Some additional highways like Highway 63, Highway C, Highway DD, Highway 72, Highway 68, Highway 19, and Highway 32 were impacted by these intense straight line winds. Based of the damage, wind speeds of 80 to 95 mph were common, along with several areas of downburst winds that possibly reached up to 100 mph.