LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Missouri- According to those who were on-sceneauthorities are searching for four boaters after an MTI catamaran flipped over at the 10 mile marker on the Lake of the Ozarks Friday. The crash happened after the Shootout Poker Run. Officials now say there were just two on the 44 foot boat.

Jet Ski rider Michael Galloway was there right after the crash, speeding to the distresses vessel. He said he pulled up on the boat around 7:00 p.m. after it had apparently blown over. He said other boaters arrived and jumped in searching for survivors and said they did everything to look for signs of life. They had no luck attempting to swim under the inverted craft, the dive team arrived shortly after, he said. He added it was “unbelievably sad.”

Speed on the Water says long-time captain Richie Prince was the owner of the boat and was onboard. 


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This is a developing story.

Photo by Brad Grimmett