LEBANON, Missouri- Lebanon police  said that a Walmart Supercenter customer reported her car was struck while in the parking lot of the retailer on Tuesday afternoon. The 32 year-old woman from Lebanon said an employee saw a white Buick passenger car hit the rear of her vehicle  which was a 2006 Ford Escape. The car then drove-off according to the employee. However, a licence plate number was taken down by the male associate.

“The reporting party went on to state that she inspected her vehicle and discovered white paint transfer on the rear bumper. I inspected reporting party’s vehicle and I observed white transfer paint on her rear bumper. I photographed the damage to her vehicle,” the responding LPD said in the report.

Police say a computer check revealed the  license plate was registered to a 75 year old white male of Richland, Missouri. Police say they then contacted the man who said did not believe he had struck the victim’s vehicle. The investigation is ongoing, police say.