Traffic crashes have also caused serious problems

PULASKI COUNTY, Missouri-  The Pulaski County Daily News says Waynesville Police Department officers have begun evacuation of homes on North Street near downtown Waynesville, the St Robert Community Center is being opened as an emergency shelter for displaced residents, and numerous county roads have been closed, with I-44 near Jerome expected to close late tonight or early Sunday.

In addition, traffic crashes are beginning to cause serious problems around the area, including a major wreck on I-44 near Jerome which prevented a state fire marshal from getting to a fire near Dixon for which Dixon firefighters had to reroute their response due to flooding.

The I-44 crash around mile marker 173 resulted from a jackknifed semi truck which snarled eastbound traffic. Traffic began to clear about 9:30 p.m. No crash report is ye available.

While the I-44 closure wasn’t related to flooding, the same area soon will close due to flooding. According to a Phelps County Emergency Management report issued at 8:31 p.m. Saturday: “it is anticipated that I-44 will be closing sometime tomorrow at the Laclede/Pulaski County Line and in at Jerome. Once closed, its anticipated it will not reopen for 12 hours. On Monday, May 1, 2017, US 63 south of Vienna in Maries County, at the Gasconade River, is expected to close due to flooding. Once closed, US 63 will most likely not reopen for 6-12 hours. There will be numerous other road closures due to high water over the next few days.”

The City of Waynesville MO Municipal Government has also evacuated the RV Park. Additional locations are being monitored for possible future evacuation. Inside the city limits, Pippen Road has been closed along with the streets in the Waynesville City Park. Other roads which often close during flooding have not yet needed to close inside the city limits.

As of 8:50 p.m. Saturday, Pulaski County Emergency Management Agency personnel report the following road closures:
* Riddle Road
* Bunker Road
* Stillwater Road
* Riverside Road
* Crocker Road
* Teak Road 1/4m from Tulsa Road
* Texas Road @ Thunder Road
* Red Oak Road @ Red Wing Road
* Hartford Road (Both sides)
* Highway O: Jones Creek, Church
* Highway U: West of Crocker (Tavern Creek, Bell)
* Lexington Road
* Compass Road
* Laramie Road
* Superior Road @ Cemetery and Laughlin Park
* Cave Road between Riddle Road and O Highway
* Creek Road
* Cliff Road both sides (Highway PP)
* Highway A
* Tanner Road
* Camp Road
* Temporal Road
* Smokey Road
* Texas Road by Eastlawn
* Highway H (low Water Crossing)
* 1/2 mile down Rowling Road
* Boston Road
* White Oak Road and Western Road
* Brooklyn Road
* Springfield Road (Low water crossing)
* Rio Road @ Ribbon
* Booker Road