This is a basic guide for gaining access to Fort Leonard Wood. Additional questions should be directed to the Visitors Center listed below, or to a trainee’s unit.




  • Identification for everyone in the vehicle who is over 18 years of age
  • Valid driver license for the driver
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • Valid proof of vehicle insurance
  • All vehicles are subject to inspection

Identification must be shown every time you enter the installation.

Driver license, registration and insurance must be presented if asked.




  • Your military ID or CAC must be presented at the gate. If you don’t have one, see the next section.
  • Government issued photo ID must be presented for anyone 18 years of age or older in the vehicle.



When you act as an escort/sponsor for a visitor or guest you are responsible for them and everything they do on the installation. By allowing them to use your name to enter the installation you are vouching for their integrity and character. If they cause trouble on post, it can lead to consequences for the sponsor.

Caution: Do not agree to bring someone on post you do not know personally. You should be wary of anyone attempting to avoid the correct entry procedures.

It is common to see individuals online asking ID card holders to drive them on so they can “avoid the process” at the Visitors Center. DO NOT DO THIS.




  • Valid identification for all individuals over 18 entering the installation.
  • Proof of valid insurance, driver license for the driver, and vehicle registration.
  • Background check All visitors and guests must submit to a criminal background check. If denied unescorted entry you may be approved for escorted entry.
  • Valid reason to enter Fort Leonard WoodYou will need to explain your specific reason for requesting access to Fort Leonard Wood. Going to the PX food court, for example, is not a valid reason for requesting access.
  • Visitor’s passThis will be issued once the background check is completed and you are approved to enter the installation. You can pre-apply for a pass here: Depending on need or circumstances, pass validity time can range from one day to 12 months.



All vehicles entering the installation are subject to inspection. This is something you agree to when requesting access to Fort Leonard Wood.  If selected, you will be guided to the inspection area and asked to provide your license, IDs for everyone in the vehicle, valid vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

You can find more detailed information about access control and gate entry procedures for Fort Leonard Wood here, or call the Visitors Center at 573-596-0356.



This article serves as a general guide for entering the installation.

Please contact the individual unit for specific information on accessing Fort Leonard Wood on Family and Graduation Day.



  • Do not run the gate: Nothing good has ever come from someone running the gate on a military installation. They are not going to say “oh well” and forget about it.
  • Be respectful to the gate guards: They work long hours, sometimes in extreme weather, to ensure our safety. They are just doing their job.
  • Weapons: For visitors traveling with personal protection, Fort Leonard Wood does not provide storage for weapons, however, the Saint Robert Police Department will sometimes store weapons for visitors to Fort Leonard Wood. They can be reached at 573.336.4700.
  • Prohibited Items: These are common sense: Drugs, weapons, open alcohol containers, etc.



Access Control FAQ’s

FLW Regulation 190-7 (Access Control)