LAURIE, Missouri- 13 KRCG reports that Laurie, Missouri  police and the FBI are investigating after vandals removed three American flags from their poles and burned them.

Investigators said the West Lake Aquatic Center first called authorities Wednesday to report the flag burning on its property off Fairgrounds Road. Officers then discovered more flags along the road had been burned.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, police said vandals took down and burned flags from the First Baptist Church, aquatic center and near a marker in front of the Information log cabin at the city’s fairgrounds.

“It obviously wasn’t any kind of protest they wanted to advertise,” said Laurie City Clerk Ron Clarke.

“It’s a quiet community, they just can’t figure out why someone would sneak off in the middle of the night and do something like this,” said Clarke.

Each site had an indistinct message written next to it.

Police said they’re investigating the incidents as vandalism, but if a suspect is identified, the case could be considered an act of terrorism.

The report says the flags have been replaced.