WHEATON, Missouri- Wheaton resident and fellow cowboy, Zachory Prewitt posted the following tribute to PBR professionally ranked bullrider Mason Lowe, who was killed at an event in Colorado Tuesday night:

“As the lights began to dim and the fire began to rise, the crowd began to cheer, and fireworks filled the sky. A man walked out into the middle of the stand, them bright red chaps and a straw hat in his right hand. PBR fans, get ready for a show, it’s the young gun from Missouri and his name is Mason Lowe. As the time began to dwindle, the cowboy took a knee and said Lord please watch over everybody here and me. He climbed up over the chute and lowered his body down, slowly cleared his head and blocked out all the sound. He began to pull the rope, getting it as tight as it could be, moved up on his hand and pointed out his feet, pulled his hat down low and nodded with a grin, they opened up the chute and it was all just dust and wind, the bull twisted to his right and shifted back again, a single competition that both of them wanted to win. As the buzzer sounded loudly, he pulled out that rope slack, with such ease and such elegance, Mason jumped right off the back. Looking at the crowd with a smile on his face, he knew that he was home and that he had found his place, he gathered up his gear and tossed it in his bag, put on the Nike tennis shoes and grabbed that ol straw hat, he went to snag his check so he could catch the next big show, a PBR bull rider is always on the go. I know I’ll see him again one day and I can’t wait to watch him ride, he always had a knack for scraping steel against bull hide. A friend, a brother or family of yours and mine, I suppose God needed him to spur down some more bovine. A cowboys work is never done, we all know this is true, my hat goes off as I write this tribute, Mason this one’s for you. ” 


Lowe, 25, a Barry County resident,  leaves behind his wife. Funeral arrangements are incomplete at this time.