LACLEDE COUNTY, Missouri- The Laclede County Prosecutor has charged a Lebanon man with multiple felony crimes after he was arrested by the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office on June 12, 2018. William Ray Elms, 50, was arrested after altercation in which in fired a handgun at person in the 31000 block of East Highway 32 in Laclede County.

Deputies responded to a disturbance at approximately 9:00 pm on June 12. After deputies arrived at the scene evidence was recovered that Elms, a convicted felon, had fired a firearm at another person and had assaulted a female at the location. During the course of the investigation deputies recovered a handgun, a controlled substance, and items related to drug use. The Prosecutor’s Office has filed one count of 1st degree Assault, two counts of Unlawful Use of Firearm, Armed Criminal Action and Possession of Controlled Substance. Elms is in the Laclede County Detention Center with a $250,000 bond.

The investigation conducted on scene led deputies to apply for a search warrant at Elms’ residence in the 31000 block of North Missouri Highway 5. During the search of the residence deputies found four firearms and ammunition (items possessed illegally by a convicted felon), items related to drug use, and a stolen riding lawn mower and a stolen trailer. Deputies recovered a pipe bomb that was turned over to agents from AFT and Missouri Highway Patrol. The Sheriff’s Office will be presenting additional Probable Cause Statements to the Prosecutor reference the items seized at Elms’ residence.

“It is likely the firearms recovered, at the search warrant were stolen, though the serial numbers have not come back stolen. We know Elms is involved in the narcotics trade locally and is an associate of others we have arrested who are involved in drug trafficking and receiving stolen property,” said Sheriff Millsap.

“As a reminder it is important, if you own firearms to record your serial numbers in case the weapon is stolen. With that information we can enter the serial numbers in the national database. The serial number entry, into the database, allows us to return the firearm to rightful owner. We make an effort to match up firearms we recover at search warrants, with those that have been reported stolen locally, but it is much easier to do that when we have the serial numbers,” Millsap said.