CAMDENTON, Missouri- The Camdenton Industrial TCE Contamination Advisory Team met for the first time as a full group Tuesday night at the Mid-County Fire Department. The meeting started out quiet with the members going over basic rules of conduct using Robert’s Rules of Order. Once the rules of how the group was going to conduct there meetings was finished the group discussed issues and concerns that have come up due to the expose of (TCE) Trichloroethylene, the chemical compound trichloroethylene is a halocarbon commonly used as an industrial solvent. It is a clear non-flammable liquid with a sweet smell.

Several members of the group spoke about there involvement of dumping the chemical from off the back of the loading docks both from what is now called the Fisher Building in Camdenton and the former site of Modine manufacturing facility. Employees went on to say that they would dump between (1-3) 55 gallon tanks of TCE everyday on average.

Mulberry well flowing into stream

More disturbing news is that a former Camdenton Supervisor reported that while during the clean up of the Hullett Lagoon site that thick mud prevented tractors from getting all the waste dug out of the site when it was classified as a Superfund site. That waste was reported to be buried out at the Camdenton Airport. Members of the TCE Advisory Team that live in that area have found traces of TCE in there water table as well now. There was also talks of a (unclassified) dumpsite off of D road just a few miles from Ha Ha Tonka.

The group’s mission is to discuss issues and make recommendations to the Department of Natural Resources. Their first agenda set in place an independent water sample test from the tap and to seeing about a name change for the Hullett Lagoon, a nickname that city employees gave to the lagoon due to it being close to Hullett Chevrolet,  a business that has had no effect on the issues but is receiving bad press due to the name.

To get involved or if you have any information that could help shed light on this topic join the groups facebook page and please get involved.  Camden County Contamination Board