DALLAS COUNTY, Missouri- Former Lebanon resident Billy Sage Medley, is wanted for the murders of Joe and Brandy Allen of Tunas, Mo. Authorities arrested  alleged accomplice Jeffrey Dale Lee Stevenson in the Macks Creek area Wednesday night.

According to online court records, Medley appears to have a criminal record, this includes recent charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and receiving stolen property. A warrant was issued July 5th on those counts and a special condition bond was granted.

The following were the conditions of the bond:

Def. shall obey all laws. Def. shall not possess any firearms or other weapons. Def. shall not possess or consume alcohol or any intox. or mood altering substance. Def. shall be subject to random drug and alcohol testing. Def. shall be supervised by Court Probationary Services. Def. shall attend weekly drug counseling. Def. shall be on house arrest with GPS monitoring at a court approved residence.

A July 31st charge says he resisted arrest for a felony in Joplin. Another indicates a driving while suspended violation.

In 2016, Medley was sentenced to four years for tampering with a motor vehicle in the court of Judge Stan Moore.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts should notify DCSO at 417-345-2441 or call 911. He is considered armed and dangerous.