The Lebanon Daily Record reported 125 freshmen, or 33.5 percent of the class, are failing at least one course

LEBANON, Missouri- A former Lebanon R-3 student has responded following a Lebanon Daily Record report on Monday indicating one third of LHS freshmen are failing in at least one subject.

Alexis Nelson posted the following which was then sahred by Principal Kevin Lowery: 

“There’s been a lot of buzz today about the freshman students and teachers at Lebanon High School, and I just can’t help but weigh in. LHS has hard working teachers, who care about their students. Period. My teachers were inspiring, understanding, and dedicated. That being said, sometimes I failed to live up to their expectations and other times they to mine. Even so, I can say that I graduated more than prepared for my college classes, particularly my English courses. It is absolutely heartbreaking that people are letting the Lebanon Daily Record convince our community that our teachers are lazy. They are great people, and we all owe a lot to them.”

Alexis Nelson, Facebook