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Thanks for looking at my page and I hope if you are looking you will donate.  For those of you who don’t know my mom had MS.  I will never forget when I was 15 and I found out my mom had MS. She told me outside in the driveway of my house.  It was also her last day at work as a police officer.  I never really knew before that she was sick or having problems, I just knew my mom was very tired and had a really hard time seeing at night.  Not really want you want when you are a female police officer in one of the bad parts of town.  My mom explained to me that she had MS and things for her were going to be changing.  She explained to me that I would need to help her out in the future since she might lose the ability to walk (or walk much).  I remember her first episode a few months later.  She was feeling pain in her legs, she told me it felt like someone was stabbing her in the legs with an “ice pick.”  I will never forget that.

Later in life she would have episodes that would leave her pretty helpless and in bed.  I had to cook for her and do all of the chores around the house.  I had to listen to her in pain.  I also went to MS support groups with her and tried to learn all that I could about her disease.

I remember when I 16 there was the MS bikeathon it was held at Wilmore park in South City and close to were I lived.  I took my sign up sheet around the neighborhood and asked people to pledge to donate money for every mile I rode.  I rode all day from the start until the finish that day only taking breaks for food and water and road 76.2 miles on my 10 speed.  I felt good because I was helping my mom by getting money for research.

Well, the research has really helped and there are so many newer things my mom never got to try to help with the episodes and the pain of MS.

I’m going to ride the MS 150 this fall.  I am raising money now so I can do my part in helping someone else’s mom.  More women get MS than men.  I will wear a cloth and attach it to my shirt my mom’s name and if you know someone with MS and donate let me know and I will put their name on it as well.

I have to be honest, this isn’t easy writing this since it brings back memories of my mom living with this disease.  This is very emotional.

If you could all be so kind in supporting me in doing this I would appreciate your help.  Their suggested goal is $250, but I think that goal sucks.  I know way too many people who can help out even if it’s only a couple of dollars.  Believe me, every dollar will mean a lot to me and I will thank each of you who donate.

Now to be my normal fun self.  I need you all to get out your credit card and click on the link to donate.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, I know you all too well.  If you wait until tomorrow you will forget and then I will have to post on here a million times begging you all for money, so just take 2 minutes out of your day and donate.

Thanks for your consideration!

Love you all,