Governor Greitens says that at first dinner in the Governor’s Mansion, he and his wife wanted to do something different, so  they invited foster care families instead of “the powerful, privelaged” and lobbyists.  “It was a great dinner and a powerful reminder of why we fight for the people of Missouri. Yesterday, we got letters from the kids that joined us for dinner. They really touched my heart, ” he said.

He shares a letter he received below:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Greitens,

“First let me apologize for my bad handwriting, also for forgetting what I was going to say at dinner. That was both funny & embarrassing.

So onto the next topic, Thank You.

Thank you for allowing me into your home & feeding me a wonderful dinner. Thank you for listening to our thoughts & opinions on the foster care system. My family was truly blessed to meet you two.

I was so excited to come! I was in school when I got the news. I told everyone! I thought it was funny that you insisted the youth speak more than the adults. That showed me you cared.

You allowed my family, as well as two others, into your home for your first dinner. It was a true honor! Thank you for what you do. Enjoy your day.”