ST. JOSEPH, Missouri- The St. Joseph News Press reports police, firefighters, and the ATF are investigating a house explosion that injured three and brought down a residence.

At approximately 9:40 a.m., crews responded to 1109 Prospect Ave. on a report of an explosion. Neighbors said they heard an explosion. One witness described the damage as all four walls of the house blown out and the roof collapsing into the structure. Capt. Jeff Wilson, public information officer for the St. Joseph Police Department, said two males and one female were transported to Mosaic Life Care. He said early reports of a child being in the home were inaccurate and the child was located at another residence.

“We would just like to say we’re happy there was no loss of life and the injuries sustained seem to be moderate,” Wilson said. “So we’re very thankful for that.”

The cause of the explosion is sill unknown as the ATF and local agencies investigate the scene. Wilson said the debris field is wide which the agencies will be sifting through during their investigation. He added that the investigation could take some time.

“Any time you have an explosion of this magnitude with an unknown cause it’s just standard procedure for us to involve the ATF in that investigation and utilize their investigators’ expertise along with our investigators’ expertise,” Wilson said.

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