PULASKI COUNTY, Missouri- A Parisian cyclist on a long distance trip was hit by a Richland motorist Sunday evening on Hwy AB near Waynesville. The rider was participating in long distance trip between Chicago and California, following historic 66.

Sofiane Sehili, 35, suffered minor injury when the MSHP says Hannah Sapp, 22, from Richland struck him from behind as her vision was obstructed by the sun. Sehili was taken to Phelps County Regional Hospital by ambulance.

Sapp was not injured in the collision.

Trooper Wensel responded at 6:05 p.m.

The long distance rider had just participated in Tour Divide 2016 which brought him 2745 miles in sixteen days.

Sehili also participated in a 2014  on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and was interviewed below: