LEBANON, Missouri- Longtime Lebanon Route 66 advocate Howard Fuller says the shame of Lebanon are its leaders, and primarily Mayor Jared Carr, who he says is the leading law-breaker.

This comes after Fuller was escorted out of Monday’s city council meeting by the Chief of Police at the direction of the mayor, who alleges that he (Fuller) violated public comment guidelines by repeating himself. He had attempted to speak during the public comment portion of the regular council session.

Fuller issued a statement in response to the incident saying that Carr voted for his brother to have booze on the street and then violated State Law (ref. HB 948, Section  226.792.1 RSMo) by not redesignating Elm as Route 66. “The mayor is bigger than state law,” Fuller claims.

Fuller explains a legal opinion was issued by City Attorney J. Christopher Allen on May 25th, 2015 to then Mayor Lyle Anderson that the city should rename Elm after the famous route in accordance with state statute.

“It is therefore my legal opinion as City Counselor for the City of Lebanon, Missouri that subject to the necessary determination and designation by the Missouri Department of Transportation that present Elm Street with the city limits of Lebanon, Missouri, constituted the original United States Route 66, pursuant to Section  226.792.1 RSMo,, and subject to determination and recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission to the Lebanon City Council, and the necessary action by the majority of the elected body, that Elm Street should then and thereafter be renamed Route 66, as a matter of law, ” Allen wrote.

Fuller says that on Monday night the mayor violated his First Amendment Rights by not allowing him to speak and then removing him from council chambers. “If he’s not stopped, who will he run over next?” Fuller concluded.

We reached out to Mayor Carr via social media for comment and he responded, “I am conducting Lebanon City Council meetings in accordance to Article 2 Section 54 of the City of Lebanon Code of Ordinances.”