COLUMBIA, Missouri- An online fundraiser has been organized for Braeden Sconce, the teen critically injured in a car accident on North 5 this past Sunday. Immediately after the crash, the 19 year-old Columbia resident was taken to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St Louis. A passenger in the other vehicle, Alyssa Stewart, suffered less severe injuries and was transported to Mercy Hospital Lebanon.

At the time of the crash, Sconce was going North on Highway 5, and lost control of his car on the slickened roadway, spinning into the Southbound lanes and was hit by a pickup driven by 60 year-old Susan Jones of Lebanon. The Sconce car caught fire after crash.

Wes Sconce posted the following today providing an update in the Facebook group dedicated to Braeden:

“I don’t know where to begin. Time stopped for our family on Sunday at 5:30 when we found out Braeden had been in an accident. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, we hope time will begin to advance, slowly and incrementally until such time as all our collective prayers, concern, and tears are rewarded with Braeden’s restoration to full health. It is evident already that our ability to hope has only been made possible by God’s Grace, heroic bystanders, skilled caregivers, and fervent, unrelenting prayer.

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We recognize that for everyone else, time has not stopped. You have families, jobs, activities, and responsibilities that continue to require your attention. It is this fact that makes your overwhelming support so incredible. Your willingness to send a message of support, offer practical assistance, visit, call, pray, cry, organize, share, and hope, while life still rushes by, is nothing short of remarkable. There are so many examples of Christlike love in the events that are unfolding, each and every one of you has made an indelible impact on us, and if that is any indication of the impact Braeden has had on you, I am even more proud of this exception young man. I share with all of you a belief that God is not finished with him and am eternally grateful for the many ways you all are helping fulfill that promise.”

Stephanie Turner also posted the following today:

“There have been lots and lots of offers, requests, and ideas to help Braeden and the Sconce family. It is very much appreciated and with time, many great things will happen to help them. Bracelets, tshirts, donations are all being considered.

I ask that everyone understands is that Braeden‘s recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. He will have good days and bad days and with continued prayers will hopefully remain on a constant path to recovery in the following days, weeks, and months.

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100% of our attention right now needs to go toward prayers and positive energy being sent for Braeden’s recovery and that he improves beyond critical condition.

Everything else will come with time. There is no immediate rush to take the focus off what is truly important…BRAEDEN.

There are a couple of small fundraisers happening right now but all else will come with time, and I can assure you that I will give everyone plenty of information about all of them.

For now, please focus on the next few days and continue to pray for Braeden.”

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