LEBANON, Missouri- Lebanon police say  a woman working for a Lebanon gas station was arrested for allegedly stealing lottery tickets.

On Wednesday,  a Lebanon officer  took a report from the manager of the Express Stop gas stations who complained an employee, a 48 year-old woman, working at store located at the 300 block of N. Jefferson was suspected of the theft. The manager said that she had observed the employee on video pull lottery tickets from the counter and scratch the serial number off and scan the tickets. She explained  that if the ticket was a winner the employee would set it aside and if it was a loser the employee would throw it in the trash.  The employee suspected of the thefts  was viewed on video on 10/07/2017 and 10/08/2017 scanning tickets. The manager said that at this time the total of the tickets loss was over $800 just for the two days and they are still reviewing video.

She said that the lottery tickets were never paid for by the employee

After reviewing video, the officer confronted the the employee and placed her under arrest. The
officer transported the woman to the Lebanon Police Department. After arrival the employee was escorted
to an interview room at which time she admitted taking the tickets, police say