EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Missouri-  The rescuers of multiple German Shepherd Dogs being raised for police work including narcotic detection and also  search & rescue said the dogs would turn around and drink their own urine. The owners of Iron Cross German Shepherds had been cited in the past but continued to raise the animals.

KCTV reports that investigators seized 23 dogs and found one dead at a home off H Highway in Excelsior Springs.

Neighbors say the dogs living at the house barked day and night and called law enforcement. When deputies responded, they saw dogs jumping and pulling window blinds down.

The German Shepherds Dogs  reportedly lived in deplorable conditions without any open windows or moving air.

“It would go on and on and then stop. Then every day was like that,” Forrest Scruggs told  KCTV. They were in need of food, water,  and let out to be exercised Scruggs said.

All 23 dogs lived in cages in a long shed, inside the home and in a pump house. Their feces and urine coated them, the walls and the floor.

“They weren’t being taken care of right. I wanted them taken away so they could have fine homes and be given to people that care about animals instead of just breeding them for money,” Scruggs continued.

KCTV reports that every dog was covered in feces and the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue had to repeatedly bathe them using tomato juice and vinegar to rid them of their strong stench. Eventually multiple organizations were able to rehome the neglected animals.

Foster owner Lori McIntosh tells KCTV it wasn’t easy at first.

“When they first came to our house, they would urinate and turn around and drink it,” she said.

The dogs are now living in air conditioning and learning to walk on leashes with their new families.

Despite the court ordering that Diane Spurrier could not own any dogs or horses, she is still listed as a co-owner for a dog breeding website online called Iron Cross German Shepherds. The website states they specialize in breeding K-9, narcotics and search and rescue dogs.

Spurrier was also cited for violating zoning regulations for not properly removing horse manure from a home in Kearney.

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