Today, Governor Eric Greitens announced that Dr. Randall Williams will be the state’s new Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services. The announcement was made via Facebook. The text of that announcement is below.

“I’m proud to introduce the newest member of our team, who will serve the people of Missouri and ensure the health and safety of our state.

We have worked tirelessly to put together the best team of outsiders and leaders in the country. Our new Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services, Dr. Randall Williams, is an exceptional leader who will put the people of Missouri first.

For too… long, governments have let politicians and lawyers shape our health care systems, an approach that led us to the disasters of Obamacare. A physician by trade, Dr. Williams has delivered over 2,000 babies. He has served as a physician in combat zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Haiti, for which he was recognized as the Triangle Red Cross Humanitarian of the Year. He knows what our doctors, nurses, and providers need to provide the best possible care, because he’s been on the front lines himself.

As the State Health Director and Deputy Secretary for Health Services in North Carolina, Dr. Williams helped lead a 17,000 member agency with a 20 billion dollar budget. But even as he helped lead such a large organization, he never forgot that he was there to serve the people. He visited all 100 counties in North Carolina to understand and listen to the needs of their rural, underserved patients. And after each visit, he took action. And he got results. He’s committed to doing the same here in Missouri.

He’s led the fight against the opioid crisis there and led efforts to combat the Zika virus. He worked to reform Medicaid so that it better serves the people. And he has worked to recruit the state’s best doctors to the areas of the state with the greatest needs.

Now, he’ll serve the people of Missouri with the same commitment and compassion. I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Williams to our state. Together, I know that we can create a health system that ensures that everyone has access to quality care, and nobody is forgotten.”

Dr. Randall Williams released the following statement, “I’m incredibly grateful for the privilege to serve the people of Missouri. I appreciate Governor Greitens’ focus on putting patients and the providers who dedicate their lives caring for them first. I’m looking forward to visiting each of Missouri’s 114 counties and St. Louis as we listen and learn from the people about their ideas, as we integrate clinical care and population health to provide for the health, safety, and wellness of all Missourians. We think it is vital that we increase access in all areas of the state, especially our rural, underserved areas while keeping costs low. We have a clear vision from Governor Greitens and our intent is to hit the ground running.”
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