JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri- Governor Eric Greitto become licensed nurses in the state announced today a step that may make it easier for qualified service members to obtain state nurse licensing.


Photo: US Army Reserves

“Today, we took an important first step on our mission to make Missouri the best state in the country for veterans. As you know, too many vets return home and have trouble finding quality jobs. They have the skills, training, and discipline—but licenses and bureaucracies stand in their way. Today, Missouri’s Board of Nursing approved the Air Force’s practical nurse education program. This program will make it easier for qualified enlisted medical personnel to become licensed nurses here in Missouri. If you were able to keep the people that you served with safe and healthy, you are qualified to do so here and your state wants you to use your skill and service. The Board will have more details on the specifics of the program in the coming days, and we are proud to take this step.

We’re working with the other branches of the military to find similar ways to collaborate and help veterans find jobs in Missouri. We’ll be the first state in the country with this agreement, and we will lead the way on more important work for our veterans going forward,” the governor said.


Photo: U.S. Navy