JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri- Friday, Governor Greitens said he is going after individuals who claim to blind in order to collect pensions fraudulently:

“We’re rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse in our government to guard taxpayer dollars, and to protect Missouri’s most vulnerable citizens. Our team found people in Missouri who were taking money from the taxpayers because they claim to be blind—all while driving, speeding, and even driving drunk.

That’s right. We did an investigation, and we found that 436 individuals who get a Blind Pension benefit—at least $738 a month of taxpayer money—also have a valid driver’s license. One had a license to drive a commercial truck. One had multiple driving violations and a DWI. One was already under investigation for providing false information for a different program.

People who are abusing this system aren’t just stealing from taxpayers, they’re stealing from the most vulnerable—the people who need those funds. They can’t rip you off on our watch. We’re holding them accountable.: