JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri- Governor Eric Greitens has declared a state of emergency and called up the National Guard to assist flood threatened Missouri communities, he all says he will employ a new strategy in responding to disasters:

“Our administration is taking a new approach to disaster response: “Go big and go early.”
We pre-positioned swift-water rescue teams all over the state. They have already conducted hundreds of rescues and evacuations. We declared a State of Emergency and opened communications with the White House early to ensure that we can unlock federal disaster relief funds as quickly as possible, if and when it reaches that point.

Over the past few days, thousands of National Guard troops, state employees, first responders, and volunteers came together to fill a million sandbags. It’s clear that while these flood waters will reach historic heights, the preparation and bold actions of our people will save lives and property.

We called Airbnb, a service that allows people to easily rent out their homes. Now, they’ve announced that their network is opening up homes to people in need. We’re so grateful for their support of our people, and quick response to our call for help.

Your entire state government is operating as one team to support you. The Department of Public Safety is coordinating all of our efforts from the State Emergency Operations Center. Over 3,000 MODOT employees will work around the clock all week to repair roads and bridges damaged in the floods. The Department of Natural Resources is working to ensure clean drinking water in disaster areas, and quick responses to sinkholes and landslides. The Department of Revenue is extending its deadlines for people and businesses in the hardest hit areas. The Department of Agriculture is looking out for our farmers, and the Department of Economic Development is already looking towards our long-term recovery efforts.

This flood may be historic and destructive, but the people of Missouri are resilient. We’ve been out on the front lines this week, in our large cities and smallest towns. I’ve seen the strength and love of our people who are coming together to protect each other in this disaster. Keep fighting. Keep looking out for each other. Keep praying for your neighbors and your fellow Missourians. Stay safe. We will get through this together.”