JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri –  “Let Missouri control Missouri lakes. That’s what we told the EPA this morning,” says Eric Greitens.

Greitens explained the  EPA is considering a “terrible rule” he says could cost half a million Missourians almost $3,500 on their sewer bills. Luckily, the new leaders there actually listen to the people, he said.

The Governor  submitted this comment to the EPA today:

“Dear Administrator Pruitt,

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the proposed federal rule to establish nutrient criteria for Missouri’s lakes and reservoirs.

The people of Missouri appreciate that you have been listening to the states on these issues. It is certainly a change from the last administration. Missourians are used to bureaucrats dictating these rules with little regard for the impact on families. The fact that you are interested in our input is refreshing.

Right now, the EPA is considering a proposed federal rule that would severely hurt Missouri’s families, farmers, cities, and businesses. You have been tasked with slowing the growth of algae. The proposed rule might do that. It would also hurt Missouri families and raise their sewer bills. There’s a better way.

The EPA’s proposed rule will cost Missourians an estimated $1.7 billion as a result of initial lake impairments. $1.7 billion. That’s not a typo: $1.7 billion. That cost gets passed on to families on their sewer bills. It’s been estimated that this would affect about 500,000 Missouri families. It would cost them each almost $3,500.

The Obama EPA put you in a tough spot. Because of a December 2016 settlement agreement between the Obama EPA and an environmental group, your EPA was forced to issue a proposed rule last month. And because of rules and requirements designed by the Obama EPA, your EPA was forced to issue an expensive, expansive proposed rule.

We worked up a better option. Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources gathered 20 years of Missouri-specific lake data and worked with farmers, cities, university scientists, and others to design a rule that ensures clean water and protects the environment—without costing Missouri families hundreds of dollars. Our rule would cost 95% less than the EPA’s rule, and allow the state of Missouri to watch over our lakes—not the federal government.

It is my understanding that the EPA is considering and taking comments on Missouri’s proposed rule. I urge the EPA to approve Missouri’s rule. Missouri’s rule protects our water and the environment. It also protects Missouri’s families, farmers, and businesses from a $1.7 billion bill they do not need or want.

Let Missouri control Missouri lakes.


Eric Greitens”