JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri- Governor Eric Greitens issued the following after signing the so-called “Right toWork” legislation into law:

On Monday, we achieved a great victory for the state of Missouri.

We signed Right to Work. We sent a clear signal to the world that Missouri is open for business, and we joined 27 other states who have committed to creating quality jobs for their people. The hard work of fighting for more jobs and strong paychecks continues, and signing this legislation was an important step.

The results from Right to Work states around the country are clear: Right to Work creates quality jobs. After Michigan and Indiana passed Right to Work, they became the two fastest-growing states for manufacturing jobs, and wages went up. Workers in the average Right to Work state are earning more than the average worker in Missouri. It’s pretty straightforward.

But you wouldn’t know that from some of the commentary in the papers or on social media. Lots of people are confused about Right to Work—and it’s because powerful elites have lied about this issue for a long time.

For years, elite union bosses have spread falsehoods. They claim that Right to Work busts unions and drives down wages. They claim it’s an attack on working people. They’ve stretched the truth for so long, that many people don’t even know what Right to Work actually does.

Here’s what Right to Work does: It simply says that every worker in our state should have the choice to decide for themselves whether or not to join a union. They cannot be forced out of their job if they choose not to join.

Right to Work does not eliminate unions. It does make them more responsive and accountable to their members on the front lines. If your union already gives you the freedom to choose whether or not to join up, your experience should be about the same. If it doesn’t, you can now say to them, “Tell me what you can do for me. Tell me how joining this group makes my life better.” Because Right to Work is good for jobs and makes unions more accountable, there are more private sector union jobs in Indiana today, than before they signed Right to Work.

Corrupt union bosses hate this policy, and they’re willing to lie to keep it from taking effect. That’s because they have personally profited from the vice grip they have on membership, dues, and power. No matter how terribly they mismanage pensions or how much of union members’ hard-earned money they spend on liberal politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it doesn’t matter. The union workers are required to pay the union bosses, end of story.

That’s why they’ve turned Right to Work into a doomsday scenario—because for corrupt or incompetent union leaders, it is. They will—finally—have to show that they provide some useful service and benefits for their members.

You’ve seen and you will see a lot of nasty messages, threats, and insults. We know we did the right thing for the state of Missouri. We signed Right to Work because Missouri needs more jobs.

I’m not willing to sacrifice quality jobs because some liberal lobbyists are upset. That’s why I signed Right to Work, and that’s why I’ll never stop fighting for you.