JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri- On Tuesday, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens issued the following statement about the special session of the legislature he called and how he says the “liberal” news media is misleading the public as to its cost. He seems to focus on this AP report in the Kansas City Star printed on July 12th.

“Want to see how the liberal media works with Democrats to create fake news in Missouri?

We called a pro-life special session to protect pregnancy care centers and promote women’s health.

The Democratic Party and groups like the National Abortion Rights Action League ran ads claiming that the special session would cost $20,000 per day.

Here’s the thing: That’s not true. It’s not even close to true.

The Kansas City Star then took the Democratic Party’s talking points and printed them as news. They printed in their newspaper that the special session could cost $1.2 million, based on ads they had seen from the Democrats. They did zero research. Even one phone call to the House or Senate would have given them the real numbers. Instead, they printed a lie from the Democratic Party and misled hundreds of people.

We gave them the facts. The special session is wrapping up now. It might cost as much as $80,000. I believe that is money well spent, to protect life and safety in the state of Missouri.

Reasonable people could disagree with me, and that’s OK. Reasonable people cannot, however, claim that the special session costs more than $1 million. That’s not a disagreement. It’s a lie.

Lawmakers pointed out the absurdity of their claim, but they failed to correct the story. 11 days ago, we asked them again to correct it. And they’re still refusing to fix their story.

I understand that some liberal newspapers have a bias against conservatives. I don’t expect that we will ever get the benefit of the doubt or even a fair shake.

I did, however, expect that anyone—on either side of an issue—would use facts and correct their mistakes when they are wrong.

There is a difference between a liberal newspaper with a bias against conservative solutions, and one that is willing to print things that they know to be untrue. That’s why I’m so glad that we have the ability to speak to you directly,” Greitens said.

Here is a portion of the Star report in question:

The cost for Missouri’s special legislative session on abortion policies has surpassed $73,000 and is likely to keep growing.

Figures provided Wednesday show the House has spent over $53,000 — mainly on lodging, meal and mileage payments to lawmakers.

The Senate’s cost stands at nearly $20,000. But that’s likely to rise when senators return to the Capitol —perhaps later this month — to consider the House version of an abortion bill.

Greitens is travelling to Aspen Colorado as the special session comes to a close.