JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri-  Governor Eric Greitens says a  group of politicians just passed a bill making St. Louis what the media is calling an “Abortion Sanctuary City.”

Greitens wrote the following in a social media post:

“This bill attacks clinics that help women. Alternatives to Abortion clinics are non-profits that provide women with counsel, support, and resources. What they don’t do is advocate for abortion. In our budget, we provided $6 million for these clinics, based on the important work they do to help women.”

“Now St. Louis liberals and the National Abortion Rights Action League are trying to undermine and destroy them. This is serious. We’re working with legislators, faith leaders, women’s advocates, and anyone who values life to fight back against this Abortion Sanctuary City movement. There’s a lot that we can do to fight this—and we’ll need your help in doing so.”

“For now, we’re asking for your prayers and your voice. We need to send a clear message: the people of Missouri do not support Abortion Sanctuary Cities. We will fight for the vulnerable to get the support they need in tough times—we will proudly stand up for life.”